Meet our Van


BOPA is born as the brand of the lightest natural wood panels on the market for camper van. Our goal is to offer high-quality products that help create a comfortable and cozy space in any van. The name of our brand comes from the union of “Board” and Paulownia.

At BOPA, we believe in the culture of sharing stories, spontaneous friendship, and solidarity. Our company is committed to manufacturing high-quality natural wood panels that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

We believe that the change to another way of traveling or living depends on people, while the change to another way of manufacturing products depends only on companies. At BOPA, we choose responsibility and sustainability as our way forward. We invite you to join our mission and choose with responsibility 🙂

camper van


To manufacture the lightest and strongest natural wood panel on the market for the camper van world.


We offer the perfect solution to make your journey lighter, so that the adventure is more than just an experience.


We use solid plantation wood in our boards, replanting two trees for each one used.