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The Bopa Camper board is composed of a Paulownia edge glued board core, covered by a thin poplar veneer and cladding in HPL. The best for a Camper Van

Obtaining, in this way, the lightest board top on the market thanks to the paulownia core, but at the same time robustness and stability, thanks to the HPL. The perfect combination

Characteristics of the BOPA camper board


It is an ultra-light natural wood board, due to the fact that its core is made of Paulownia wood, which has a density of 270 Kg/m3. We are facing one of the lightest woods on the planet.


Bopa boards are very resistant due to the technology of their structure. With a core of Paulownia edge glued board with natural veneer and a finish with a layer of HPL, which gives it a lot of resistance in the final layer.

Thermal and acoustic insulation

Thanks to the Paulownia wood core, it provides us with the benefit of being a very good thermal and acoustic insulator, two essential characteristics if we want to make a conversion in to a camper van.


Paulownia wood provides natural resistance to moisture and rot. It is for this reason and for its lightness that Paulownia is always used for surfboards made of wood.


Paulownia wood is considered the most ecological and sustainable tree, for numerous reasons, although perhaps the one that has the greatest impact is the capture of COโ‚‚, which exceeds other species by up to 10 times.

difficult combustion

Another of the great properties of our boards is that due to the nature of their raw materials and the technology used to form the board, they make BOPA boards difficult to burn. A feature to take into account in the camper world.

Paulownia wood in the core

The Paulownia tree, also known as Kiri, is incredibly fast growing (adult in 7 or 8 years). Being one of the trees that best adapts to the use of wood by humans. This rapid growth gives the wood a lightness, which in the camper world is ideal. One of the properties of this tree is that it captures 10 times more COโ‚‚ than the rest of the species. This is why they call it the most ecological tree in the world. And as if that were not enough, it is a tree that is capable of regrowth from its own roots up to 8 times. The phoenix of the forests.

Manufacturer of boards for camping

Bopa, has been born to become the main manufacturer of dashboards to convert vans, based on the lightness of paulownia as a great asset.

Looking for the perfect balance between hardness and lightness, in order to offer our customers a natural and ideal board for the camping world.

frequent questions

About Bopa camper van boards

What measurements does a Bopa camper board have?

Our boards make 2440mm (length) x 1220mm (width) x 15mm (thickness). Although you can cut them to your liking without problems.

Where can you buy the boards?

To buy BOPA CAMPER boards, you just have to write us an email indicating the province in which you are and we will answer you with the nearest distributor.

In what finishes can it be found?

Whether you want the most used color (White) or any other or a wood simulation, there is no problem. You will find a number of colors in stock and a virtually endless range to choose from.

Can they be easily cleaned?

Yes, its last layer of HPL makes it difficult for it to be marked by blows and also allows it to be cleaned with a simple damp cloth.

Requires some maintenance

No, once the furniture is made, the only maintenance that needs to be done is to clean it, after so much use ๐ŸŒณ๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŒณ